Trust – Searching for True Love

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Searching for true love? Look no further.

Trust. It’s easier to say you have it than it is to live it. If you let God direct your romantic life will He really do what’s best? It’s all about trust.

In this segment of the Searching for True Love series, Joshua Harris, author of the runaway bestseller, Kissed Dating Goodbye, humor, personal testimonies, on-the-street interviews, and sessions taped before an audience in Nashville, Tennessee, to reveal that “singleness” isn’t a secondary status. It’s not a time for simmering on the back burner and watching life go by. It’s a chance to develop your gifts and make the most of today. And all this is possible if you’re willing to trust God’s timing for romance.

You desire the best for your life—true love. That’s what God wants for you, too. Hang in there. Your search is almost over.


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