Understanding Authority for Effective Leadership

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Author(s): Buddy Harrison
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In the Foreword Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin says about UNDERSTANDING AUTHORITY:

… The principles Buddy learned in his years of preparation for the ministry form a strong foundation for this book. Buddy points out, “It requires an understanding of the principles of authority in order to understand the elements of faith. If we misapply authority, we will miss the elements of faith.”

I especially enjoyed Buddy’s fresh insights into my favorite portions of Scripture on faith—Mark 11:23,24.

Buddy shows how God wants men and women to be free, even though mankind often seems to prefer slavery. He discusses principles of authority that apply between husbands and wives, and ministers and their flocks …
—Kenneth E. Hagin


The only bondage we should have is to love. We are to submit to one another in love. Love should be the controlling and motivating factor in all that we do.

Authority comes three ways: by birth, by training, and by impartation. I challenge you to arise and start with the authority that you were given by birth. By discipline and training, you will receive more; and by being faithful and obedient, God will impart even more, so that you can fulfill the leadership position God has called you to.
—Buddy Harrison


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