Understanding the Anointing

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‘Required Reading’ for the Coming Move of God

In the foreword to his book Understanding the Anointing, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin writes, “When I started out in the ministry 49 years ago, I wish we’d had the material that’s available today. Our ministries and lives would have been different.

“That’s the reason I want to share with other ministers — especially young ministers — what it took some of us 40 or 50 years to learn. There is much about it in my spirit to share with you.”

Rev. Hagin divided his book into three sections. In the first, he discusses the individual anointing that all believers have in the New Birth — an anointing that is increased when one is baptized in the Holy Spirit. In the second section, Rev. Hagin shows that there also is an anointing upon ministry gifts, and in the third section he takes up the subject of an even stronger anointing, the corporate anointing.

Rev. Hagin has woven rich nuggets of truth into Understanding the Anointing, a book all serious students of the Word will find is “required” reading to understand the sweeping move of God that is coming upon the world.


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