Unlimited Partnership – God and the Businessman

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Author(s): Bob Yandian
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How would you like to have a business partner who never fails? One who will labor tirelessly, yet never sleep, working for your business as if it were the only business in the world. One who sees the future and always knows exactly how and when to expand and invest. One who is, in fact, even more interested in your success than you are.

This business partner is God Himself. Many have allowed God to enter their personal lives and marriages, but don’t know that He also wants to become involved in their business and financial lives.

He is the God who entered into covenant with Abraham, Jacob, Moses and David. He led each of these men to success—and He wants to do the same for you. However, this Unlimited Partnership can only occur when you take your limited resources and wisdom and combine them with God’s infinite power.

Whether you are already successful or still looking for your “big break,” this small book can be the biggest turning point in your business and financial life!


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