Untried Faith

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Untried faith is unproven faith. How can you know if you’ve got it unless you’ve had to use it? When it has been tried and proven, you are then moved to another level of faith, power, peace, and purpose. The reason few Christians have great faith, power, and purpose is because most Christians do not endure the tests but rather give up too early. Jesus asked if He’d find faith on the earth when He returned. Will He find it in you? This message will enlighten you to the fact that without RISK or GUTS… there is no faith! In this message you will gain the understanding that these trials, tests, and tribulations are a necessary part of growing you up. You will learn that when they come, NEVER give up because if you endure and pass the test… you’ll enter a whole new realm of faith, power, and purpose. If you want to be all that Jesus died for you to be, by moving to the next level of faith and power, then this will tell you what you need to do.


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