Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled – Book 1

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Author(s): Perry Stone
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In the first book in a series, Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled will reveal amazing parallels between recent events and the days of Noah and Lot. Perry Stone shows how tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions are a part of the final prophecies concerning the last days. You will learn:

* Why Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India were hardest hit by the tsunamis
* How the tsunamis were the beginning of the fulfillment of Luke 21:25
* Why God allows children to die during a major disaster
* Proof that the birth pangs mentioned in Matthew 24:8 are increasing
* Why so many hurricanes struck the Florida coast
* How spiritual battles in the heavens can impact weather on earth
* How volcanoes will fulfill several unusual Biblical prophecies
* How God is allowing selective judgment before the coming tribulation

This book will answer many questions and help you understand the time of the end and the soon return of Christ!


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