Featured eBook – October 2008 – Victory in the Wilderness

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Author(s): John Bevere
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God, Where Are You?

Is this your heart cry? Does your spiritual progress appear at a standstill -or to even have regressed? Do you wonder if you’ve missed God or somehow displeased Him? Perhaps this is not the case…but you’ve arrived in the wilderness! Don’t misunderstand its purpose. It is not God’s rejection, but His season of preparation. It is the road traveled by patriarchs and prophets… paving the way for a fresh move of God. God intends for you to have Victory in the Wilderness.

This book addresses:

  • How God refines
  • Is the wilderness necessary?
  • What is the focus of the true prophetic?
  • What it takes to make a man of God
  • How where you are is vital to where you’re going
  • Pressing through dry times


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