Visions of the Harvest

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Visions of the Harvest

This book contains three prophetic visions. These visions were given to help stir the church to make the preparations required to accomplish her mandate for the last day ministry.

The first, A Vision of the Harvest, has been one of the most widely distributed prophetic messages, possibly reaching every nation through the numerous periodicals in which it was reprinted. It addresses fundamental spiritual issues that the church will face as the end of the age unfolds.

The second, The Titanic and the Stock Market, illuminates impending social and economic disasters and the leadership required of the church to be the light in increasing darkness.

The third, War and Glory, is the latest prophetic vision received by the author. It clearly illuminates the enemy’s primary strategy against the church, as well as the glorious strategy of the Lord to bring forth a bride who is more awesome than armies.

Escape from Christendom is an allegory written by Robert Burnell that was almost immediately recognized as a true classic. First published in 1980, it accurately foretold the church’s struggles through the decade of the 1980’s with gripping insights, and the Harvest which would follow. This should be required reading for every Christian leader.


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