Visitation of the Holy Spirit

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Author(s): Dennis Burke
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A fresh personal visitation of the Holy Spirit is the only way to remain in the stream of God’s vision.

The work of the Holy Spirit is to take the treasures of His wealth and bring them to the surface in your life. From the moment of the New Birth, the Holy Spirit comes to you working to restore, build and strengthen the areas of your life which have suffered from the impact of sin.

Visitation of the Holy Spirit portrays the sequence of events that transpire when you yield and respond to His influence. As the Holy Spirit reveals His presence to you, He develops the fruit of the Spirit, making you fruitful. He creates a sensitivity to His impulses and as a result you rise to new dimensions of His power. Welcome Him and embrace His ways with a willing heart. He longs to pull you into a deeper relationship—a dimension of restoration, peace and power made available to you through Jesus Christ.


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