Waiting on God

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Are you waiting on God, or is God waiting on you?

Have you noticed that your fleshly body doesn’t like to wait? It wants everything now! When it is hungry it demands to be fed. When it is tired, it wants to lie down. When it wants to buy something, it doesn’t want to wait until you can afford it. Our flesh doesn’t want to deal with discomfort of any kind! But, no matter how uncomfortable it is, waiting on God has great rewards!

Waiting is just a test to determine your attitude while you’re going through. I have made an important discovery that I share in this power-packed teaching: We’re not going to get promoted to anything until we maintain a godly attitude while we’re waiting…in times of trial…when everything isn’t going our way.

Genesis 25 tells the familiar story of Esau. Robbed of his father’s blessing because he allowed himself to be led by his emotions, Esau willingly sold his birthright for a fleeting, momentary pleasure. Wisdom would have said, “Wait.” Like most of us, Esau later wished he hadn’t done it. How many times have we wished we hadn’t done it…eaten it…bought it…gone there? How many of us willingly trade a lifetime of blessing to satisfy our short-term appetites instead of waiting on God and His timing?

I don’t want to operate under the Esau syndrome and neither do you. Let’s learn to wait and trust God. Let’s be willing to pay whatever the price to see the manifestation of the glory of God in our lives. The greatest thing we can do when we’re going through tough times is to continue bearing good fruit and continue being good to people. God is waiting for us to grow up, silence our flesh, and become more like Him. Are you ready? I am.


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