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The truth of God’s Word coupled with a walking workout Arise and Walk! is designed to free you from the bondage of weight and from the weight of bondage. With helpful insights from certified instructor Marty Copeland, you will discover—once and for all— powerful ways to receive your complete freedom spirit, soul and body. Arise and Walk includes…

1 – 60-minutes of heart-to-heart ministry on video

• the truth behind the temptations of food
• how to gain peace and hope as you lose unwanted weight—
God’s way
• inspiring testimonies from people enjoying their new-found freedom from overeating
• powerful scriptures to stand on as you exercise your freedom

2 – Exercise Your Faith

• turning physical exercise into an exercise of faith
• implementing the power of God into your walking routine

3 – 60-minute power-packed Walkin’ Free audio cassette

• complete half-hour Walkin’ Free sessions for both beginner and intermediate levels
• anointed music by Kenneth Copeland, Mylon Le Fevre, RayGene Wilson and Len Mink
• faith-building scriptures read by Marty Copeland
• fold-out including walking techniques and safety tips

4 – Prayer Card

• prayer and scripture references
• illustrated stretches
Receive the power of God to energize your spirit, renew your mind and strengthen your body starting today…when you Arise and Walk!


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