Walking in Faith

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Author(s): Tim Greenwood
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Walking in Faith was birthed out of the miraculous, healing power of the Almighty God. God’s love and miracle-working power are limitless, and available to all. God is so very good! This is my testimony of healing from terminal heart disease. But, more importantly, this is a step by step teaching of what I learned. This book is a short one hour read, meaty and right to the point.

My open-heart surgery had failed and the doctor’s told me that nothing more could be done. At age 45, I was diagnosed with terminal heart disease and sent home from the hospital to die. After 25 years of denominational Bible study, I still didn’t know anything that would change my situation. But, God showed me, that I had a choice. “I set before you, this day, life and death.” “Choose life!” And that is what I did. I chose life by learning and applying what God’s Word said about my situation! To do this, I literally, had to begin “walking in faith!” I chose life and now I’m healed. My message is simple. If I can do it, you can do it! Many have already received healing from this little book.


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