Walking in Peace

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Let Peace be Your Umpire!

Walking in and enjoying the peace of God is one of the most precious blessings of my life. Most of my life had been filled with turmoil until I became willing to pay the price to have peace. I had inner and outer turmoil: turmoil inside myself, in my circumstances, and in my relationships. Even being born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit had not removed the turmoil.

The blessing of peace was available to me through Jesus Christ, but I did not know how to appropriate it. Jesus made it clear in John 14:27 that He was leaving His peace on the earth as part of our inheritance. He said it was available to all who would make a decision to stop allowing themselves to be upset.

I finally had to come to a point where 1 was so tired of upset and turmoil that I was willing to make whatever changes were necessary in order to have peace. 1 asked for help, and the Holy Spirit began to teach me. He will also help you!

Peace is to be our umpire in life. Follow after peace, and you’ll definitely enjoy life. These tapes will encourage you to be willing and obedient to make the changes the Holy Spirit leads you to make in order to walk in peace. Jesus has provided His peace; enjoy it!

Subjects covered:
♦ What are your peace stealers?
♦ Are you peaceful or prideful?
♦ Are you at peace with yourself?
+ Seven ways to have peaceful relationships


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