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Our Family and Nation Under God

Join Kenneth and Gloria Copeland at their prayer cabin in beautiful Arkansas for a time of sharing faith principles that will bring God to action in our nation and families.

“The same principles that work with a nation will work in a household. They’ll work for a husband and wife who aren’t getting along. They’ll work for children who are out of line with the things of God.”

Our nation should be a place for Christian values. A place where people act on God’s Word, a place where good government abounds because it serves God. Not a place where families fall apart, where drugs are available in the streets, or where crime disrupts everyone’s lives.

God has promised to heal the land. He has placed each of us in positions of vital importance to make this nation and our families a success. Find out what you can do!

“This is God’s country. This is His nation. He raised it up to propagate the gospel.”


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