What About Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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Author(s): Gordon Lindsay
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Almost everyone has at one time or other encountered Jehovah’s Witnesses and their literature. While their handbills often fail to completely identify their doctrines, any discussion with a Witness or close examination of his textbooks will reveal serious error and neglect of Bible truths.

Those who have studied the rise of religious sects will no doubt recognize in Jehovah’s Witnesses a familiar pattern: The leader rejects all other teachers as false and proclaims a totally new concept of his own. In the case of Charles Taze Russell, Jehovah’s Witness founder, he believed that he alone was able to discern the real truth of the Bible. From this position he began to establish his theology—first removing the Christian concepts of heaven and of hell, and later even denying the deity of Jesus Christ.

With the spread of error over the earth, with the rise of predictions of soon destruction, it is well that we explore the origins of this false religion. This book follows its development from the predicted “End” of 1914 to the present door to door sales techniques it employs. As usual, there is little room for Jesus in the capricious doctrines devised by man.


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