What Faith Is

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A Treasury of Faith Teaching

The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God—but what is faith? Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin answers this and other questions in his book What Faith Is, a veritable treasury of his teaching.

His definition of faith is: “Faith is laying hold of the unrealities of hope and bringing them into the realm of reality.”

“The Difference Between Faith and Hope” is the title of Chapter 1. “Faith is present tense,” Rev. Hagin points out. “Hope is future tense. Get in the right tense.” In this chapter, Rev. Hagin discusses things that keep us from receiving divine healing.

Chapter 2 is entitled “Faith Is an Act.” Rev. Hagin writes, “Evil spirits force, drive, and compel you to do things. But the Holy Spirit urges, prompts, or gives a gentle push.”

In Chapter 3, “Faith Takes the Answer Now,” Rev. Hagin tells of the exciting day when, as a dying teenager, he discovered the secret of faith.

“Hope Changed to Faith Brings Results,” Chapter 4, contrasts Abraham’s and Thomas’ faith and shows exactly how to receive divine healing in your body.


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