What Jesus Taught About Manifesting Abundance

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Author(s): John Avanzini
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What Jesus Taught About Manifesting Abundance is unlike any book John Avanzini has ever written. Within these pages, he will take you on a journey through the fourth chapter of the Book of Mark.

Not only does Mark 4 tell us the doctrine of Jesus, but it also shares the secret that will unlock every parable in the New Testament.

You will find that one uninterrupted revelation threads its way through the entire chapter. It reveals the method for manifesting abundance in your life, and it lies within the simple truth of sowing and reaping.

For many years we have known about the abundance God promises to His obedient children. Finally, there is a book that explains how to bring forth the manifestation.

After reading What Jesus Taught About Manifesting Abundance, you will understand why so many agree that it is John Avanzini’s best book to date.


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