What’s the Hold Up? Hindrances to Prayer

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When it comes to those few prayers that just don’t seem to be getting answered, most of us have found ourselves thinking, What’s the Hold-Up? We may wonder why it’s taking so long…or if anything is really happening at all.

There are barriers to answered prayer and the Bible reveals them. Jesse Duplantis explores some of the common hindrances to answered prayer and offers heart-centered solutions in this powerful message that will have you praying with greater confidence and seeing results! Jesse shares solid truth and teaching as he answers questions like…

  • What’s the hold-up in getting my prayers answered?
  • How does love for God and myself factor into prayer?
  • What does it really mean to “delight in the Lord” and am I doing it?
  • How can disrespect towards my spouse affect my prayers?
  • What does honor and a “lifted head” have to do with it?
  • And much more!

It’s time to start seeing those prayers answered, instead of hindered. Explore the reasons and learn how to overcome the challenges of unanswered prayer with this powerful and scripture-filled message from Jesse Duplantis, What’s the Hold-Up?


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