When the Righteous are in Authority

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Author(s): Keith Butler
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“I’m Saved, you might say. “I’m filled with the Holy Ghost. My family is saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. That’s good enough for me!” But wait a minute. What about the rest of the world? What responsibilities-and what authority-has God given you to rule and reign and make a difference in your world?

In this book, Bishop Butler soundly shows from God’s word that His plan for the righteous includes a responsibility to be in authority. As a Christian, you are responsible to know what God says about the issues of your age, and you’re given the authority to rule so that the people can live happy and productive lives.

If you’re tired of living defensively in an off-track world, take heart! God has empowered you to be blessed and to be a blessing. You and God can make a difference!


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