Where the Mind Goes, the Man Follows

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We live in a house made of thoughts, every thought that we entertain directly affects our actions, thereby creating the atmosphere in which we live. Good or bad, every thought is like adding another brick to the walls we live behind. So the question is…what kind of house do you live in?

In this series, Joyce will take you through the many rooms that make up your thought life, including rooms of unforgiveness, self-pity, and selfishness, to reveal how you can renew your mind according to the Word of God.

In this album, you’ll learn:
How your thoughts dictate your actions
The importance of cleansing your mind
How to prepare your mind for success
The necessity of destroying mental strongholds

You’ll discover the undeniable effect your thoughts have on your daily successes and failures. The bottom line is.if you don’t learn to think differently, you will never live differently!

Learn to set your mind—and keep it set—on heavenly things, not on the things of earth, and just watch what God will do!


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