Why Christians Fail to Receive

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“I’ve prayed. I’ve believed. I’ve been faithful in my service to God. I’ve done all I know to do. Why haven’t I received the answers from God that l’ve beers seeking?”

If you’ve found yourself asking that question, don’t give up. God hasn’t given up on you. Nor has He turned away from His desire and commitment to release every provision of heaven to meet your need.

The problem is, Satan is fighting with everything he’s got to keep you from walking in all God has for you. The good news is, he has already lost.

The powerful truths from these eight foundational messages by Kenneth Copeland will help you see all God has for you and release the flood of His blessings in your life.

Brother Copeland will answer your questions, enlarge your awareness of God’s commitment to your total well-being and increase your ability to trust Him. You’ll start seeing your needs not only met, but met over and above all you could ask or think.

In this eight-message audio series, you’ll learn…
• Why so many Christians are not healed
• The role faith plays in the release of Gods power
• How to make withdrawals fom your faith account
• How to expose the hindrances to receiving from God
• What turns up the volume of consistent answers to your needs
• How attitudes toward others can affect your access to Gods provisions
• How to slam the door on Satan’s attempts to rob you of God’s blessings
• The keys to unlocking the depth of God’s love and the riches of His Word

God is committed to getting healing, deliverance, abundance, restored relationships—everything you need for success and for the highest quality of life-to you. Start leaving frustration behind and begin enjoying the peace and security of receiving from God today.


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