Why Do They Do It?

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Author(s): Gordon Lindsay
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The writer has searched the field for literature on the subject [of suicide]. Apparently most that is available has been prepared by psychiatrists, ironically the very profession which has the highest suicide rate! (We should add, however, that there are some Christian psychiatrists who we believe are doing a good work.) Moreover, much of their literature is couched in abtruse and technical terms that go over the head of the layman. But the greatest fault with their analysis of the causes of suicide is that they ignore the two most important factors (which we shall consider at the proper place) associated with suicide. For that reason the author has prepared this volume which is oriented from the Scriptural standpoint. We trust that it will help to fill an important gap on the subject in Christian literature. If it avails to help one person from taking the fatal step, we shall feel well repaid.
—Gordon Lindsay


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