Why Some Are Not Healed and the Bible Answer

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The majority of evangelical Christians today believe that God has power to heal and often does heal. Yet it is a fact that there are many people who desperately desire and need healing but have not been successful in receiving or retaining it.

It is not a question always easy to answer when people ask, “Why am I not healed?” We know by a thousand witnesses and proofs that healing is indeed real, that the promises of God concerning healing are clear and that He “forgiveth all thine iniquities and healeth all thy diseases.” Although God has promised to forgive all iniquities, still we all know that the iniquities of many are not forgiven. Likewise God healeth all diseases but the diseases of many are not healed. Why? The answer to both questions is the same: there are conditions to receiving either salvation or healing.

But the nature of the case is a complex thing. Can a man remain well if he does not take care of his body? Can he stay sound in mind if he constantly worries? May a man receive healing for his soul and neglect it for his spirit? Will God because He is omnipotent heal everyone who desires healing, whether or not they meet the conditions? By the nature of the case, there are conditions to be met.

But what are those conditions? What have we failed to do if our prayers are not answered in the matter of healing?
It is true that most believers realize that their failure to receive is not God’s fault. They are vaguely aware that there is something that is standing in the way, but what is it? How can they find out? That is the question that is so often asked. A counselor might have to spend hours in searching out the truth. Indeed many people never do learn the reason for their failure to be healed.

To meet this need this book Why Some Are Not Healed has been carefully prepared. We believe that these 25 reasons taken from the Scriptures cover 99% of the cases. The individual may study these at his leisure. He may look up the Bible references and give time for the Spirit of God to work in his heart. As the Spirit of God reveals to him the true reason for his failure, he can correct it and be in a position to receive his healing.


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