Why Work?

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Why Work? The Unrecognized Truth About Honest Labor
Work For a Giving — Not Just a Living!

Why Work? Are you thinking…Well, I have to…I have to make a living! Did you know that God intends there to be a lot more to it? Liberate yourself with this teaching by Jesse Duplantis and learn how your Creator wants to bless the work of your hands and not watch you work by the sweat of your brow. This enlightening message will teach you how:

  • Work is no longer a curse—God has turned it into a blessing, for you!
  • Honest work is sweet worship to Him!
  • Work honestly done assures you of His divine protection!

Learn the truth about honest labor and see how Jesus wants to co-labor with you to bring you freedom, joy, protection, and blessing in every area of your life. It’s time to link up with God’s perspective on your work and watch Him increase you so much that you can begin working for a giving—not just a living!



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