Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers are So Useful to God

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Of all the messages that were given from the Church in Transition Conference, (each one was TREMENDOUS and helpful and motivational, and life-changing) I have to say that this tape from Wednesday night’s session was the most profound. And as if the message wasn’t enough, at the end, Graham plays a tape of a song, literally composed on the spot by the Lord in a visitation to “Joe.” Joe was instructed to get up and write it down, as the Lord sang it to him again, so both the music and the words could be recorded. As we listened to this song, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. This is one of those (sets of) tapes that I found myself saying, “Ohh, That ‘hurts so good'” If it is possible, how can a word that so hits the core of one’s being feel so good to hear. Graham tells very emphatically that “IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU BE WOUNDED AND BETRAYED.” Do YOU feel or have you BEEN wounded and betrayed? Then you NEED to hear these tapes.


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