Wilderness Mentality

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If you feel as if you have been going around the same “mountain” long enough, dealing with the same old problems over and over, you need these messages. Why? Because I believe God has given me some insight that may help you get the victory.

Like Moses and the Israelites, who took forty years to make an eleven-day journey, I spent many years wandering around in a wilderness of circumstances and wrong mindsets. Wrong mindsets keep us from moving forward. Not only can our past and present become ineffectual to our future, but God can take our mistakes and work them out for our good if we trust Him!

As I pondered my own life and searched for Scriptures to examine the mindsets and attitudes of the Israelites, God showed me several “wilderness mentalities” that kept them from making progress toward their goal. I noticed that the Israelites complained and remained in the wilderness; Jesus praised and was raised from the dead. Which of these descriptions would you rather have applied to you?

Discouraged during trials, the Israelites lived by their feelings instead of the word God had given them. We must learn to believe I Him above our circumstances and remain stable during hard times. Until our attitude can glorify God in the midst of our circumstances, we won’t be delivered. It is not that suffering glorifies God, but a godly attitude in suffering that glorifies Him.

I have shared ten “wilderness mentalities” on these six messages and ask that you examine your heart to see if any of them describe you. Remember, it is only the truth that will set you tree. I am free now, and my soul is like a watered garden. I am enjoying real “kingdom living,” which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. You can, too!


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