Winning in Sales

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RAPPORT Secrets to establishing a bond instantly,
NICHE MARKETING- Maximizing income and increasing visibility… while reducing costs, UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION- Uncovering the most important set of words you will ever use,
MAGNETISM- Building a “force field” that will automatically attract customers and profits, PSYCHOGRAPHICS- Knowing the pictures and words that activate each of the five buying groups,
TRIGGERING- Finding your customers “Hot Buttons”,
REFRAMING- Innovative techniques to immediately turn negatives into positives,
CLOSING- Key sales strategies that separate top producers from ordinary salesmen,

MEDIA MIX- Determining what is best for you,
MOUSE POWER- Secrets of the Magic Kingdom.

“I’ve made a million bucks off this series.”
“Within one month, my income doubled.”
“We have not lost a sale since learning the Momentum formula.”
“Our church increased 100%… in just 90 days.”
“Our home had been listed for 10 months … it sold in 2 days.”
“My annual income went from $25,000 to $140,000.”
“The last few months have been the best we have had financially.”
“Our company has grown over 50%.”
“The next day was the best for our business in 23 years.”


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