Winning the World

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Becoming the Bold Soul Winner God Created You to Be
Come on, admit it. Ever since you made Jesus Lord of your life, you’ve wanted to share the healing power of the Gospel with someone who was hurting… but you’ve held back. Why? Probably because the thought of sharing  your faith with someone who’s unsaved is uncomfortable. You aren’t quite sure you’re equipped for the task.

But, get ready. All that is about to change! You’re about to get off the sidelines and start running with confidence into the thrilling, supernatural challenge of soul winning. You’ll discover:

  • what three revelations can light an evangelistic fire in even the most timid of hearts
  • how to find people who want to hear about Jesus (and what to do with them once you find them)
  • how to develop a personal style of evangelism custom tailored to your own personality, temperament and giftings

Don’t waste another moment—open this book now. Move into all God has for you by becoming the bold soul winner you know He’s created you to be!


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