Woe Be Unto the Prophets!

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Author(s): A. D. Harris
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This is a book for any man or woman who will be used in the prophetic or in the office of the prophet—especially the wounded prophet. This book will bless many and anger many. No matter which way it affects you, Woe Be Unto the Prophets will touch a nerve.

Woe Be Unto the Prophets will teach you…

To discover the true prophet
To answer the call not run from it
To avoid the snare of pride
To deal with the attack of evil words
To distinguish between the gift and the office
To discern the false prophet
To identify the lying prophet

Don’t be afraid of who you are and what you are becoming. Be afraid of never becoming what God called you to be. Woe Be Unto the Prophets will teach you to fulfill the destiny you have been called to.


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