Worship-Unleashing the Supernatural Power of God in Your Life

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Author(s): Norvel Hayes
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No matter what your circumstances are now – if you are sick, broke, in a state of depression – God wants you to be victorious! He wants to give you all that heaven offers, now.

Norvel Hayes knows how you can become victorious in your life. He knows how to find God’s best for your life. Most importantly, he knows the key to all of these things. He knows how to worship and praise the Father.

With the principles and knowledge of worship and praise found in this book, you can change your life forever! Norvel Hayes did, and he wants to show you how. You will learn:

♦ How God values worship and praise
♦ How worship and praise get God’s attention
♦ How you can worship and praise God in your life
♦ How to discover the benefits of worshipping
our Father
♦ How to live by God’s number one covenant for
the Church

When you spend time in God’s presence worshipping and praising Him, you will be amazed at what happens!


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