You are Not What You Weigh

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Author(s): Lisa Bevere
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This book is not about information;
it is about transformation.

You Are Not What You Weigh, which features inspiring testimonies, is not a how-to-lose-weight book. As you reflect and journal, you will be amazed and transformed by the value the heavenly Father has placed in you.

Have you ever struggled with your physical image? If you, like most women, find yourself struggling against the lies about body image presented in the media, these truths will set you free. This message is a sword placed in your hand to cut the tethers and ties that bind you. Lisa Bevere has fought on this battleground-and won-and so can you.

Lisa wants to radically interrupt your torment

Throw away the trendy diet books, faddish pills, and latest exercise equipment, and keep reading. You can break free and stop being controlled by your weight-whether you’re anorexic, bulimic, or overweight. Your present outward condition reflects a deeper inner turmoil, and this captivity did not start on your exterior frame. It is time to expose the lie and end your war with food.


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