You Can All Prophesy

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It is an historical fact that first century Christians openly embraced and actively participated in the gift of prophecy. They were a very active prophetic laity.

These were not just a few, strange, unapproachable, mystical “prophetic types” sitting on mountaintops somewhere dressed in camel’s hair, eating locust and honey, and hearing audible voices. Rather, the entire church body, every man and woman who named the name of Christ understood and experienced the gift of prophecy. They were a prophetic people.

A similar prophetic movement among today’s laity is precisely what God is once again restoring to the Church. He is developing a practical yet powerful Church in these last days – again, a prophetic people. He is raising up a prophetic army, a prophetic nation to operate in powerful prophetic giftings. The original prophetic purpose and plan of God for the Body of Christ is coming to pass in our generation!


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