You Can Have It All!

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Author(s): Randy and Paula White
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Are you tired of settling for second best?

The road to your financial freedom DOES NOT begin with your bank account or pay­check, it begins in your mind! You must first decide what you want from your money; then you must determine the VALUE you place on your worth in God’s eyes.

This powerful sermon series by Pastors Randy and Paula White will teach you biblical truths and practical steps to walk in the blessings and prosperity of God in your life!

This series includes:

  • God’s Law of Poverty and Prosperity
  • Keys to Supernatural Finances
  • Practical Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Principles and Promises
  • The Covenant of Tithing and more!

You are of GREAT value to God and He does not want you to toil in financial lack. He want you to have everything you need and walk in ABUNDANT BLESSING through Him!


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