You’re Not Broke, You Have a Seed

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Author(s): Leroy Thompson
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“…He gives seed to the sower…”
—2 Corinthians 9:10

Did you know that there are secrets to walking in God’s financial favor? Did you know that there are things You can do to cause financial increase to begin to flow in your life?

In “You’re Not Broke You Have a Seed,” Dr. Leroy Thompson looks at the scriptural laws of seedtime and harvest and the importance of knowing and understanding the power of a financial seed to deliver you from any financial dilemma.

Discover the true meaning of seedtime and harvest through such bible-based topics as:

  • The purpose, process, power and planting of the seed.
  • The importance of not eating your seed!
  • How to sow for a living.
  • Understanding due season.
  • And much more…

God promises an abundant return to those who sow bountifully. His desire for the Body of Christ is to move from financial struggles to financial success.

Through clear understanding and study of the biblical principles in this book, you will never again underestimate the power of your seed!


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