You’re One in a Million

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): R W Schambach
File size: 4,715,163 bytes
Downloads: 711


Do you know how special you are? God loves you so much, He kept leaning on you with His love until you surrendered your life to Him. And now that you’ve said, “Yes,” to Jesus—you are a member of God’s family. You are His child; you now belong lo Him.

This book was written just for you. It will help you grow in your understanding of God and your personal relationship with Him. Read it carefully. Do as I instruct and I know YOU WILL MAKE IT as a child of God.

Once again, let me say, “Welcome to the family.” You have made the best decision you will ever make! As you begin your walk with God, I will be praying for you daily.


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